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RSVC Member Email Distribution List

Hello Rio Salado Vizsla Club Members,

I need your help. The club has experienced some growing pains. This is a good thing for the club, and a challenge for me. I have split my email distribution list in 1/2 to try to avoid being tagged as a "spammer".  This happens when someone sends out the same email to a large number of people. :) 
How can you help?
1) Please add the email address to your contact list, also known as your address book.  This will help our email providers recognize that you know me and I am not spamming you.
2) Please look in your spam folder for any emails I have sent you and mark them as "this is not spam" and/or move the email from your spam folder to your inbox folder. This will also help our email providers learn that I am not sending spam.
Please take the time right now to do those two things to ensure that you continue receiving emails from our club.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you, and have a great day.


Missy Gregory

RSVC Membership Chair
(480) 215-4851

Calendar of Events 2015 / 2016

Attached is a calendar of events  for the coming months.

For Google Calendar users, the RSVC events are also on our Calendar.


RSVC Pizza Party and Photo Contest

This is always a great time seeing all the fun photos that members have been collecting for the past year.
Please see the attached request for vizsla pictures and photo rules.  It's not too early to start sending in your beautiful vizsla photos!

April 2015 RSVC Newsletter

The April 2015 RSVC Newsletter is available here.

 Archived copies of past newsletters can be found here.

Please enjoy the April 2015 edition of the RSVC Newsletter. This month's issue includes several great articles, such as "Becoming Snake Smart," "Do Dogs See in Color?" and "Trick Training - Article #1" by RSVC member Julie Holmes. The results of the CGC and Versatility tests, the RSVC Spring Specialty and the recent RSVC Hunt Test are also listed. 

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this month's newsletter: Donna Coulter-Karis, Mike Dhondt, Sandy Gorton, Missy Gregory, Julie Holmes, Kristel Judkins, Marian Kirkpatrick, Rick and Debbie Maher, Rita Mather, Marge Mehagian, Jodi Rosenblatt, Tracey Sosna, and Doreena Weigert. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos to "That's My Vizsla - Sleepy Vizsla Special Edition,"  and to "Brags and Cries." Many thanks to Julie and Paul Holmes and Vicki May for proofreading this month's newsletter.
Please note that several deadlines are due in early April, including RSVPs for the RSVC Fun Day and the Annual Awards Banquet, donations to the RSVC silent auction, and submission of your 2014 Award Application.  
Please email your submissions for "Brags and Cries" and "That's My Vizsla" anytime. Include "That's My Vizsla" or "Brag" and your dog's name in the subject line of your email. Also, please submit your photo in a jpg format (limit one photo per brag). The next newsletter will feature photos of our wonderful "Velcro Vizslas" -  please send me photos of you, your family and your dog(s) demonstrating this wonderfully sweet characteristic of our breed (captions are always welcome). Photos may be cropped or edited.
The next newsletter will be published in August 2015. Ideas for articles, photos of RSVC events, submissions to "That's My Vizsla" and "Brags and Cries" are always welcome and may be emailed to me at
Donna Coulter-Karis
RSVC Newsletter Editor

RSVC Fido Bags Put to Use 

Here is a nice article from the Payson Roundup that mentions the fido bags that our club donated.