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While Leptospirosis is now being found in Arizona as well as California, we do not believe that "Lepto" is a real threat to our dogs per Marge Mehagian. It seems that the treatment can be worse than the disease. Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that progresses through the animal's body. This infection can be fatal for animals if the infection progresses, causing severe damage to the liver and kidneys. Younger animals with less developed immune systems are at the highest risk for severe complications. The disease is treatable.

Please contact your veterinarian for their recommendation on getting your dog vaccinated.


Membership Applications

Thank you to the members that have already sent in their 2017 Membership Renewal Forms. If you have not yet renewed for the 2017 year, please do so at this time. You can find the application by clicking on "membership application" below. Please print it out, fill it out and return it to Missy Gregory (address on application) with your check.

 Membership Application


2017 RSVC Photo Calendar Contest

The Rio Salado Vizsla Club encourages your participation in our annual calendar photo contest!  Contest winners will appear in the 2017 RSVC Calendar! 

Voting will take place at the October 1st RSVC General Membership Meeting/ Pizza Party and calendars will be available for purchase in December.  If you have any questions, please call Tracey at 
480-205-7004 or you may email Luis at 
How To Enter:
E-mail your photograph(s) to Luis Ebratt, with “RSVC Calendar Contest” in the subject line and your entry information in the email body.   Photograph(s) can also be mailed to the physical address listed below.

Send payment to Luis Ebratt, 5602 East Almeda Court, Cave Creek, AZ 85331.  $5.00 per photo or 3 photos for $10 by check, payable to RSVC.  Limit entry to 12 photographs. 

All entries must include the following information: your name, phone number, email address, the photographer's name, the dog’s full kennel name and call name, the breeder information, and the dog's titles.
All entries and payments must be received by September 6th.  

Photographs must be taken and submitted by a member of the RSVC who is the owner, breeder or photographer of the pictured Vizsla(s).  

Photographs cannot contain people, other breeds, or ribbons.
Photos must be submitted with requested entry information and correct payment. 
Photographs must be horizontal. (landscape)
Limit entry to 12 photographs per member. 

Rio Salado Vizsla Club and calendar committee assume no responsibility for the photographs that are submitted, lost, damaged or destroyed.
All entry fees and calendar sales profits will go to the Rio Salado Vizsla Club treasury. 
Submitted photographs and entry fees will not be returned or refunded.
Photographs must be submitted with entry information and correct payment to be considered.  
By submitting your photograph(s), you confirm that you own the copyrights and that, to your knowledge, the photographs do not violate any existing copyright pursuant to statute, common law, or equity.  Ifyour photograph is selected, you may be required to sign a release. 



RSVC Newsletter

 Archived copies of past newsletters can be found here.

Please enjoy the latest updates on the RSVC Newsletter  Recent updates include the Awards Banquet, Hunt Training dates along with Hunt Test information. Don't forget to enjoy the "That's my Vizsla" section and the Brags and Cries.

Please email your submissions for "Brags and Cries" and "That's My Vizsla" anytime. Include "That's My Vizsla" or "Brag" and your dog's name in the subject line of your email. Also, please submit your photo in a jpg format (limit one photo per brag). The next newsletter will feature photos of our wonderful "Velcro Vizslas" -  please send me photos of you, your family and your dog(s) demonstrating this wonderfully sweet characteristic of our breed (captions are always welcome). Photos may be cropped or edited.
Ideas for articles, photos of RSVC events, submissions to "That's My Vizsla" and "Brags and Cries" are always welcome and may be emailed to me at
Donna Coulter-Karis
RSVC Newsletter Editor

Calendar of Events 2016 / 2017

Attached is a calendar of events  for the coming months.

For Google Calendar users, the RSVC events are also on our Calendar.